22 November 2016

Sogitec relies on Simthetiq for NH-90 simulator visuals

Sogitec, France has once again contracted Simthetiq to provide modeling and integration support for entities from the Simthetiq library that will be used in the NH-90 simulator for the French Armed Forces.

With the successful delivery and acceptance of the NH-90 simulator by the French Armed Forces in 2015, Sogitec has shown their continued confidence in Simthetiq as the provider of high resolution, realistic visual entity models for their government customer.

Under the contract, Simthetiq will provide a series of entities from their extensive 3D model library alongside a custom integration and configuration package that ensures the 3D models work seamlessly with the Sogitec simulator.

This contract award is further proof of the value and flexibility offered by the Simthetiq library of vehicle models and comes on top of the recent announcement of a similar contract with the Canadian Armed Forces.

For more information on how Simthetiq visuals can increase the realism of your fixed or rotary wing simulator, please contact