Simthetiq : Ever Closer to Reality

Founded in 2005, Simthetiq brings together a team of experienced professionals in the training and simulation field to serve the civil aviation and defense markets. We provide one of the largest mission- ready, simulation entity library to major corporations and governments around the world and offer an immersive visual system using our proprietary image generator combined with a library of high-quality airports and 3D models – bringing training ever closer to reality.

Why choose Simthetiq as a partner

  • An experienced and skilled team operating for more than 13 years in the simulation & training field.
  • An integrated vision and understanding of the specific training needs for simulation, serious gaming and training.
  • A creative approach using the most flexible technological response with compatibility and preservation of existing investments in mind.
  • A lower and more predictable cost
  • Access to a vast library of military and civilian 3D model assets with a large range of animation configurations.


  • Training and Simulation
  • Defense and Security
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Management
  • Health & Safety

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