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X2 visual system

Powered by aXion: Engineered for civil aviation simulation and training applications.

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3D model library

Mission-ready simulation entity library tailored for the defense industry.

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Custom 3D solutions for training and simulation.

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What we do

Simthetiq helps trainees improve their performance and safety by providing outstanding 3D visual solutions for the military and civil aviation simulation sectors.

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Latest news

21 February 2018
Simthetiq announces new milestone for the X2 Visual System

Simthetiq, a leading provider of 3D visual solutions for the civil aviation and defense sectors, is pleased to announce a record year for the X2 Visual System.

15 February 2018
Preparing for Disaster: Simthetiq delivers a multi-state 3D training environment for ETC’s…

ETC selected Simthetiq to provide a rapid,  cost-effective terrain solution for use in their Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS) product.  

27 November 2017
Simthetiq announces the market launch of Station IX, an immersive display system, at I/ITSEC 2017

Simthetiq is pleased to announce that it will be presenting key elements of its comprehensive libraries of mission-ready 3D simulation models and terrains in Station IX, an immersive display system, at the I/ITSEC 2017 conference in Orlando.