18 November 2016

Lockheed Martin UK calls for VBS services

Simthetiq was contracted to provide custom 3D model configuration services to Lockheed Martin UK in support of the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) program.

The service package included the configuration and integration of Lockheed’s simulation entity models of the British Army’s new Ajax Vehicle into Virtual Battlespace (VBS) version 3.6.

Together with the application of accurate vehicle dynamics, crew positions, dynamic thermal textures, camouflage and weapon configuration, Simthetiq’s services included the configuration of the numerous episcope and remote camera views found on the next generation armoured fighting vehicle.

Providing proof of the flexibility of Simthetiq’s VBS configuration service, this contract represents one of the first applications of Simthetiq’s VBS tools and configuration processes on third party content. This is ideal for customers who need the same behaviour and performance from all their VBS entities, irrespective of the original model content provider.

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