21 November 2017

Simulation Interoperability: A game changer

At CANSEC 2017, Simthetiq partnered with Meggitt Training Systems and TrianGraphics to showcase their true joint simulation and training capabilities. This successful demonstration simultaneously connected Virtual Armoured Fighting Vehicle, 81mm mortar and small arms trainers together in a common virtual environment. These three simulators were running on two different platforms in the same correlated terrain environment.

Attendees experienced the benefits of interconnecting different training systems and technologies to unleash the full potential of collaborative training scenarios. Using a common 3D terrain of Algeria from Simthetiq as the collaborative environment, Meggitt’s Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) and Remote Weapon Station (RWS) trainers (running in an Openflight terrain) together with their flagship FATS 100MIL small arms trainer (using a correlated VBS3 output) demonstrated tactical manoeuvres in a combat training environment.  

Simthetiq worked closely with TrianGraphics, using their VBS Exporter tool to generate a correlated VBS terrain that allowed common, networked scenarios to be conducted across Meggitt’s different training systems.

To learn more about achieving joint simulation with common, cross-platform content, please contact us.