3D Model Library

Accurate, Mission-Ready, Tailored for simulation & training




Over 2,000 models & terrains
All major military forces


Access to source file

The Simthetiq 3D Model Library offers the highest level of realism while balancing performance and quality.

We understand that collaboration and consistency between simulation platforms can be a clear advantage, and ensure cutting-edge versatility and compatibility are at the forefront of everything we do. Our simulation entity models are ideal for legacy simulators as well as newer higher fidelity versions and can be used in all industry standard image generators.

Over 2,000 Cross-Platform Compatible Models

Military 3D Entities, Civilian 3D Entities, Cultural Features & Ground Clutter Models, Biologics/Human Character Models & Content

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Used & Approved by the Armed Forces

With over a decade in modeling experience in the defence and aerospace fields, Simthetiq’s processes and tools are tailored to the demanding requirements of these industries. All models are “Mission-Ready”, meaning your team don’t spend time on complex integration and focus their efforts where it really counts for your customers. The models are available with their source format making it easy to add classified requirements and meet your end user’s deadline on-time.

Key Benefits

Compatibility & Interoperability

Supporting all industry image generators, serious gaming platforms, and simulation protocols such as DIS/HLA.

Flexible Licensing

From single-site to multisite to redistribution, flexible licenses are tailored to match precise customer requirements.

Plug and Play / Pre-configured

Accelerate your deployment with fully functional entity models and terrains that are delivered using YOUR requirements.

Fully editable & customizable

Delivered with source files to easily enhance and adapt to specific requirements using COTS editing software

Key features

3D Simulation Entities

Photo-realistic textures for accurate visual recognition. Various paint schemes and country-specific markings. Up to 50,000 polygons; multiple LODs which can be optimized for maximum visual performance and realism.

Vehicle attributes such as dimensions, weight, fuel capacity, transmission ratio, and max speed match real-world counterparts. Out-of-the-box articulations and advanced animations configured with DIS enumerations. Models support a variety of damage states, including mobility, firepower and catastrophic kill.

Proprietary tool set simulates precise heat signature distribution, hot and cold states. Dynamic thermal configuration via multiple layer material systems, and material classified maps for sensor simulation available.

Synthetic Terrains

Highly versatile COTS synthetic terrains (database) to suit a broad range of simulation operations on large and small scales. All terrains can be rapidly modified for deployment in multiple platforms or adapted to different training requirements (geographic zones, climate, culturally specific content). Optimised for runtime performance - including for use in VR/AR applications.

All terrain databases are generated from satellite imagery and offer simulated thermal textures.

Environments are designed to be plug and play with a full range of industry simulation software (CDB, JCATS, OTF, VBS, Unity, Unreal, VR-Forces and others). All sources and project files are available.