1 May 2017

How your 3D Model Library becomes a valuable asset

Discover how a cross-platform 3D model library increases capabilities for military training centers.

Today, Simulation has become one of the most powerful and cost-effective training tools for military personnel. Militaries understand how important it is to prepare their soldiers to make the best decisions when facing real life, often high-stress situations.

When it comes to purchasing a new training device, simulation experts will base their decisions on training requirements and budget. A single training facility will use various training devices, most frequently using different image generators. Some may be using Openflight based image generators, some will using Serious-Game Engines like Virtual Battle Space, CryEngine, Unreal, etc. This is unavoidable, as some platforms perform better than other for specific training needs. Most systems will come with a closed “built-in” visual content library however, making it difficult or even impossible to share 3d content or terrain models between training devices.

A “Library” that becomes an “Asset”

The Department of National Defense of Canada has recently acquired a single cross-platform library containing more than a thousand mission-ready entities from Simthetiq. This library will be deployed in all of their training facilities and research centers for Air, Land and Sea. For the DND this represents a major advantage in terms of value, by providing a multitude of scenario possibilities, identical visual entities across all training devices and an efficient and quickly deployable solution to existing problems and requirements. Looking into the future, updating their training systems won’t affect the integrity of the library, which is a major efficiency gain.

Joint Simulation and Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC)

The increasing demand to conduct joint simulation and LVC training, creates a whole new set of challenges, especially when it comes to the visuals. Combining training using precise and identical visual simulation entity models across platforms will create a superior realistic experience and better prepare the troops for real life situations. MEGGITT Training Systems along with Simthetiq and TrianGraphics recently conducted a collaborative training demonstration using two different simulation platforms (both openflight and VBS based) at CANSEC last June. Attendees experienced the interconnectivity between the systems and understood the value of having identical visuals for mission effectiveness in a networked training exercise.

We Are Engine Independant and Mission-Ready

Simthetiq has been helping Armed Forces around the world improve their virtual training for over a decade. They have acquired expertise and understanding to develop, support and bring solutions to their clients. Simthetiq provides the largest military-specific simulation entity library, which is compatible with all industry standard image generators and DIS/HLA protocols. Using proprietary processes to accelerate modelling and integration they provide mission-ready, high-quality and customizable visual content to major corporations and military organisations around the world.
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