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Simthetiq’s services team delivers a broad array of services, from 3D modelling and terrain generation to training vignettes for simulation & training. Simthetiq has been serving civil aviation, defense, transportation and serious gaming customers for more than a decade. If you are looking for an experienced partner to support your team, optimize your technologies, reduce your costs, streamline your processes and get the job done: Simthetiq is your partner.

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The Simthetiq Approach

At every phase of project development, you can count on our team to deliver value.


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Our Services

3D Modeling

Development of 3D entities to match our customer's precise needs.

Terrain Development (Databases)

Generation of geo-specific (including up to Level D) or geo-typical synthetic environments for simulation and training purposes.


Configuration for all leading runtime software and serious gaming platforms. Migration of legacy entity assets in other platforms.

Software Development

AR/VR Immersive & Interactive content & software development.

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Supported platforms & protocols

All Industry standard OpenFlight based image generators, all Serious Game and Game-Engines (Virtual Battlespace, Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, etc.) and the most common simulation protocols such as DIS/HLA.