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Simthetiq’s expertise allows customers to realise their ambitions with available custom development, integration and compatibility services. If you are seeking an interactive partner who can go beyond 3D modelling and provide you with excellent services with powerful solutions, look no further.


The CryENGINE® is a highly advanced development solution that surpasses all expectations for the creation of blockbuster games, movies, high-quality simulations and interactive applications.The third iteration of Crytek's proprietary CryENGINE® is the only all-in-one game development solution for the PC, Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3 that is truly next-gen ready.


Delta3D is a widely used and well-supported open source game and simulation engine. Delta3D is a fully-featured game engine appropriate for a wide variety of uses including training, education, visualization, and entertainment. Delta3D is unique because it offers features specifically suited to the Modeling and Simulation and DoD communities such as High Level Architecture (HLA), After Action Review (AAR), large scale terrain support, and SCORM Learning Management System (LMS) integration.


Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D, and was created byKeyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the Earth by thesuperimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe.


MetaVR™ Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG)™ is a Microsoft DirectX-based render engine that provides geospecific simulation as an image generator (IG) with game quality graphics. MetaVR’s IG enables users to visualize geographically expansive and detailed virtual worlds at 60Hz frame rates on commercially available PCs.

Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world with dozens of aircraft and interactive Missions for a completely new and innovative gaming experience. Free Flight lets you fly anywhere in the world, from your hometown airport to the most exotic places you’ve ever dreamed of.

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce applications utilising hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The class library abstracts all the details of using the underlying system libraries like Direct3D and OpenGL and provides an interface based on world objects and other intuitive classes.

The OpenSceneGraph is an open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit, used by application developers in fields such as visual simulation, games, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modelling. Written entirely in Standard C++ and OpenGL it runs on all Windows platforms, OSX, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris, HP-Ux, AIX and FreeBSD operating systems. The OpenSceneGraph is now well established as the world leading scene graph technology, used widely in the vis-sim, space, scientific, oil-gas, games and vr industries.

Presagis’ Vega Prime, with its cross-platform scalable environment is the most productive COTS visualization tool for real-time 3D development and deployment of simulation applications .Ideal for both high-performance and low cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s extensible plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real time 3D applications by utilizing the most sophisticated technology available, within an easy-to-use toolkit.

Source combines leading-edge character animation, advanced AI, real-world physics, shader-based rendering, and a highly extensible development environment to produce some of the most popular computer and console games. These games deliver the most intense, visually-stunning gameplay experiences on modern hardware, while scaling smoothly on older systems, enabling developers to reach a diverse range of gamers.

Steel Beasts is a virtual simulation of contemporary armored and mechanized combat, focusing on small-unit tactics. It models individual weapon systems in detail yet is able to keep track of several company teams in a single scenario. Customized versions of Steel Beasts have been adopted by the armies of Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Chile, Canada, Australia, Spain and USA for training purposes.

Every game can be a masterpiece. Unity 3 delivers the technology to impress and inspire your players with everything from jaw-dropping visuals to ambient soundscapes. Even your browser game can look and feel like a state-of-the-art AAA title when it is powered by Unity 3.

Unreal Engine 3 has been designed with ease of content creation and programming in mind, with the goal of putting as much power as possible in the hands of artists and designers to develop assets in a visual environment with minimal programmer assistance, as well as giving programmers a highly modular, scalable and extensible framework for building, testing, and shipping games in a wide range of genres.

VBS2™ is a fully interactive, three-dimensional serious gaming and training system used by military organisations worldwide—including the US Army, USMC, ADF and UK MoD. Also popular with homeland defense, loadmasters, and first responders, VBS2 is a fixture in today’s simulation market.

VR-Vantage Stealth is a 3D battlefield visualization tool that focuses on information. For customers who don’t need the full flexibility of our integrated 2D/3D battlefield viewer (VR-Vantage XR), VR-Vantage Stealth is an excellent choice. VR-Vantage Stealth pro­vides a wide variety of data about your networked virtual world, overlaid over a realistic 3D scene. Whether you need it for situation awareness, simulation debugging, or after action review, VR-Vantage Stealth gives you the information you need.

X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers. With the most realistic flight model available for home users, X-Plane is not just a game--it is an engineering tool that can be (and is) used to predict the flight characteristics of nearly any aircraft with incredible accuracy.

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