12 September 2017

Simthetiq Delivers Geo-Specific Airfield Databases to the FAA

Simthetiq has recently completed the development of two new virtual Colorado airfields, the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport and the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport/Sardy Field for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Both airfield databases were installed in out-the-window general aviation flight simulators at the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City to support human factors research.

This delivery is the latest in 9 virtual airfields Simthetiq has delivered to the FAA over the past two years. Simthetiq’s synthetic environments include all major airport infrastructures, navigational aids, approach lights, VFR reference points, runways, aprons, and taxiways to form a cohesive, realistic, out-of-the-window scene. Built using the latest airport diagrams and elevation data, these airfield databases conform to strict FAA standards. The terrain’s elevation matches the data from the FAA. The virtual runways match real world data closely to enable trainees to simulate the challenges of runway fluctuations. For example, the elevation of the ends of each virtual runway matches the FAA runway data exactly. The slopes from the ends of the virtual runways toward the center match the FAA slope data. Some sections of the runways are flat, some sections slope up or down, so such accuracy is key for pilot training, as pilots must be aware of the changing slopes so that they do not hit or overshoot the runway.

The virtual airfields were delivered in MetaVR’s round-earth terrain format for visualizing in MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG), and fully integrated within MetaVR’s 1 meter-per-pixel high-resolution terrain of the area. Ten MetaVR VRSG licenses and Simthetiq’s virtual airfields are used in the FAA’s simulators for AGARS (Piper Malibu) and the VLJ (Cessna 510 Citation Mustang) aircraft types.

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