7 July 2017

Realism and performance in large scale, multiple 3D entity simulation

The ever increasing complexity of today’s training programs can often present complex challenges to simulation and training experts. When it comes to scenarios using multiple entities, systems are pushed to their limits while real time action is most needed with minimal impact on refresh rate.

At Simthetiq, we take the time to understand our customer’s specific visual and performance requirements when it comes to training and simulation.  We recently delivered civilian and military assets for a fast-jet training program. The performance requirements for the Openflight based models were very strict. The training scenario required the use of multiple entities, simultaneously.  The models were developed with an efficient atlas texture, reducing draw calls while still delivering impressive, realistic visual results. Furthermore, each entity contained a unique thermal signature based on their surface material code.

We also provided custom integration services to provide a full range of functionalities including key DIS/HLA enumerations to allow for large-scale distributed simulation and training exercises.

Understanding our client’s requirements is at the center of what we do and our know-how allows us to provide all the complex configuration needed, whilst still delivering visually compelling 3D models that will perform at runtime.