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Founded in 2005, Simthetiq is a dynamic and evolving industry player bringing together a team of experienced leaders in training and simulation. Serving civil aviation, defense and serious gaming, our team of experts is able to satisfy the needs of your organization. Providing an integrated immersive visual system, an extensive cross platform 3D model & terrain library along with a large range of associated tools and services, Simthetiq develops some of the most immersive simulation solutions available.

Why choose Simthetiq as a partner

  • An experienced and skilled team operating for more than 10 years in the simulation & training field.
  • An integrated vision and understanding of the specific training needs for simulation, serious gaming and training.
  • A creative approach using the most flexible technological response with compatibility and preservation of existing investments in mind.
  • A lower and more predictable cost
  • Access to a vast library of military and civilian 3D model assets with a large range of animation configurations.


  • Training and Simulation
  • Defense and Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Engineering and Virtual Prototyping
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Urban Planning

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