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Simthetiq’s Surobi Virtual Training Environment: a showcase for leading simulation technology at ITEC

MONTREAL, Canada (May, 2014)

Leading Simulation industry technologies will be demonstrated using Simthetiq’s Surobi Virtual Training Environment (Surobi VTE) at ITEC 2014 in Cologne Germany from 20-22 May. Designed to be “plug and play” compatible with a full range of industry software and third party plug-ins, Simthetiq has been working with leading simulation companies to create a highly flexible training environment.

  • CM LABS ( will be using their vehicle dynamics software Vortex Dynamics to simulate operation of a LAV III Armored Vehicle in Simthetiq’s large, geo-specific, virtual environment. Their European distributor Antycip Simulation (stand C140) will be demonstrating their Vortex Dynamics software in conjunction with Simthetiq’s terrain.
  • HAVOK ( will be demonstrating Simthetiq’s Surobi VTE that has been built using Trian3D Builder within the Havok Vision Engine®, to show the powerful combination of the Havok Simulation Framework™ with a high fidelity virtual environment. Meetings can be arranged with Havok at booth D130 for additional details.
  • TRIANGRAPHICS ( will be showcasing Trian3DBuilder v5.1 and Simthetiq’s high density virtual environment that has been generated with the new Havok Vision exporter available as a software plug-in with Trian3DBuilder software. TrianGraphics will be showcasing the Surobi VTE created using Trian3DBuilder at booth C140.
  • VT MÄK ( will be showcasing a light armored vehicle demonstration showcasing VR-Vantage IG's visual scenes, DI-Guy's intelligent human character simulation, CM Lab's Vortex enhanced physics-based vehicle dynamics, all playing out on Simthetiq's SUROBI VTE terrain database. The demonstrations will take place at booth C140.

Speaking about the demonstrations taking place this week at the Cologne Messe, Simthetiq CEO Vincent Cloutier said: “We are extremely pleased to see industry leaders choosing Simthetiq Surobi VTE as a demonstrator to showcase today’s best technology” He added: “This experience will allow us to better understand future training capabilities and how we can respond with cost-effective solutions.”

Some of Simthetiq’s collaborators spoke of their reason for selecting the Surobi VTE for their product demonstrations:

“Simthetiq's team has been able to create outstanding databases with Trian3DBuilder within a short time and for a number of different platforms.” says Felix Fürneisen, Sales Manager, TrianGraphics. "The Surobi VTE is not only a great example of the capabilities of Trian3DBuilder but it also represents an awesome training environment for customers with demanding performance and visual quality requirements."

Len Granowetter, VT MÄK, Vice President, Products and Solutions, added: "Simthetiq understands that different tools use terrain differently. They were able to quickly provide a high-quality visual database for VR-Vantage IG, an optimized collision mesh for the Vortex physics engine, and a version to support path planning and AI in DI-Guy scenario - all fully correlated, and all based on their off-the-shelf, geo-specific Surobi, Afghanistan database.”

For those companies interested in evaluating the Surobi VTE product - a sample version of the final terrain will be available in Openflight format for download after the conclusion of the beta development phase this summer. The initial commercial release date of the Surobi VTE is planned for 3rd quarter 2014.

For more information on the Surobi VTE please contact For more information on Simthetiq’s collaborators see below.

Simthetiq Afghanistan Surobi

Image of Simthetiq Surobi VTE rendered in Havok Vision Engine



As a developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming, Simthetiq develops custom 3D visual content and applications to produce some of the most immersive training solutions in the industry. Founded in 2005, Simthetiq is recognized in the Modeling, Simulation and Training Industry for their dedication to providing high quality, cost effective and agile services.

For nearly 20 years, CM Labs has provided feature-rich simulation capabilities that set the industry standard for interactive 3D dynamics and simulated ground vehicle and mechanical equipment behavior in synthetic environments. Through Vortex Dynamics, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing. Vortex customers include RUAG, Cassidian, Cubic Defense, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and hundreds of other leading companies and academic institutions. All CM Labs business processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information about CM Labs, visit or contact

Havok™, an Intel® company, was founded in 1998 and is a leading provider of simulation and 3D visualization technologies. With a dedicated business division to serve the military and simulation industry, and close collaborations with leading technology partners in the space, Havok strives to deliver best-in-class solutions, support, and professional services and ensure the success of simulation projects for its customers and partners. With over 13 years serving the commercial games arena, Havok is battle-hardened and well adept to accommodating the most demanding technology requirements. Havok’s portfolio of technologies are fully scalable and optimized for performance to allow integrators to develop interactive, high-fidelity simulation environments in less time, with less risk, and at a lower cost than virtually any other alternative method. Havok has offices in the U.S., Ireland, Germany and Asia.

TrianGraphics has over 10 years of experience in the simulation industry and is specialized on creative tools and services for terrain databases generation. TrianGraphics' flagship product Trian3DBuilder is a database generation system with a comprehensive feature set and a modern user interface. Trian3DBuilder is meeting the most demanding visual and technical requirements for real-time simulation and has grown to one of the most powerful and efficient solutions on the market.

VT MÄK, a company of VT Systems, develops software for distributed simulation. Leveraging a strong foundation of COTS software products, MÄK works with customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments. Our primary users are in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, yet our products and services can help customers anywhere modeling and simulation is needed to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype, and demonstrate. MÄK is dedicated to serving our customers by building flexible products, offering superior technical support, and innovating new ways to build, populate and view interoperable 3D simulated worlds. MÄK continues to take advantage of new technologies that further the state of simulation. Our products help users link, simulate and visualize their world. VT MÄK is a company of VT Systems. Please visit for more information.



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