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Havok™ to Offer Simthetiq’s High-Quality 3D Model Content to Vision Engine Customers

MONTREAL, Canada (January, 2013)

In a landmark deal, finalized at I/ITSEC 2012, Simthetiq will make 3D models available to users of Havok™ Vision Engine. The agreement will allow Havok Vision Engine users to access a standard set of Simthetiq’s high quality 3D models as part of the Vision Engine offering, with the ability to modify and extend content directly within the Vision Engine.

Havok Vision Engine is a powerful and modular development toolkit for creating compelling, high-quality visuals and realistic simulations. The technology provides a highly efficient workflow and is tightly integrated with industry standard workflows, data types and communication protocols. Vision Engine ships with several out-of-box plugins for third-party technologies and includes sample projects and content libraries to help accelerate application development.

“This deal demonstrates a clear level of confidence and trust between us as content suppliers and our partners in runtime development,” said Vincent Cloutier, CEO of Simthetiq. “Our hope is that by our models ship as a standard with this software version, Vision Engine users will recognize Simthetiq as a reference for high quality, highly immersive 3D content for use in any simulation or synthetic training application.”

“As part of a continued effort to provide our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive open and modular simulation development technology framework, our relationship with Simthetiq just makes sense,” said Cory Kumm, Director of Military & Simulation at Havok. “Integration with Simthetiq’s vast library of 3D models including various vehicles, ships, helicopters and other military platforms will help our Vision Engine customers easily add even more high quality content to their simulation environments, further reducing development cost and time to market all while improving the end result.”

Havok and Simthetiq are working together closely to complement the existing library of 3D objects available in Havok Vision Engine with Simthetiq’s expansive library of content, and to ensure that new 3D models purchased from Simthetiq can be easily integrated and supported.

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About Havok 
Havok™, an Intel® company, was founded in 1998 and is a leading provider of simulation and 3D visualization technologies. With a dedicated business division to serve the military and simulation industry, and close collaborations with leading technology partners in the space, Havok strives to deliver best-in-class solutions, support, and professional services and ensure the success of simulation projects for its customers and partners. With over 13 years serving the commercial games arena, Havok is battle-hardened and well adept to accommodating the most demanding technology requirements. Havok’s portfolio of technologies are fully scalable and optimized for performance to allow leading integrators such as Lockheed Martin, KMW, Thales, Rheinmetall and Cassidian develop interactive, high-fidelity simulation environments in less time, with less risk, and at a lower cost than virtually any other alternative method. Havok has offices in the U.S., Ireland, Germany and Asia. For more information about Havok’s simulation technology, please visit

About Simthetiq
Founded in 2005 to meet the needs of modern training and simulation applications, Simthetiq is an emerging leader in advanced 3D solutions for customers in defence, security, aerospace, research and gaming. Simthetiq is able to seamlessly integrate COTS and custom 3D content into any application for any requirement. Combining a vast library of high-resolution, cross-platform models and geo-specific environments, along with a range of tools and services fine-tuned to mission-critical operational demands, Simthetiq develops some of the most immersive simulation solutions available. Discover the various cost-effective 3D solutions offered at 


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