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Simthetiq develops the Stryker MRV interactive 3d model for General Dynamic Land System


MONTREAL, Canada (May, 2011)

Simthetiq announced today the successful completion of a Stryker Recovery Maintenance Vehicle (MRV) real-time 3d model which will be used within the CIGI Multi-Purpose Viewer (MPV). The 3d model was equipped and delivered with a fully articulated Magnum 210 crane, able to lift and remove the Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS). This addition will allow for training mission role requirement operations such as lifting the turret and other objects.

The 3d model was developed using one of Simthetiq’s unique toolsets which will allow for future integrations within various simulation and serious game platforms. “One of Simthetiq’s main goals is developing virtual content that is both software interoperable and hardware independent. By using a common source, we are able to produce correlated visuals on a number of platforms ranging from high end simulators to compact portable devices” says Vincent Cloutier, CEO of Simthetiq.

Even though Simthetiq was met with a variety of challenges in developing this particular 3d model including tight schedules, minimal resources and limited data for reference, the final project was completed on schedule and to the client’s expectation.

About the CIGI Multi-Purpose Viewer

The CIGI Multi-Purpose Viewer is a tool that acts as a surrogate in the absence of a real image generator. The MPV is capable of receiving and sending a limited set of CIGI data packets as specified for image generator operations by the CIGI Interface Control Document (ICD). The MPV can also render an image when provided with an appropriate database and model set.

About Simthetiq

Simthetiq is the leading developer of real-time COTS 3D military models and geo-specific synthetic environments for advanced training, research and gaming applications. Complimented by rapid-response support and development services, Simthetiq offers easy integration using popular formats including Openflight, VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2), One SAF, CDB (Common Database Format), also ensuring greater compatibility utilizing DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) enumeration. Visit and discover the various cost-effective 3D solutions offered at


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