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Simthetiq Awarded Prize For Excellence


MONTREAL, Canada (October 2008)

Simthetiq received today an award in the Up and Coming category from MT2 Top Simulation & Training Companies Magazine. MT2 recognized their hard-earned success and will be presenting the prize later this year at I/ITSEC 2008.

This annual competition recognizes companies that have made a significant impact in the military training industry throughout the current fiscal year.


About Simthetiq

Simthetiq is the leading developer of real-time COTS 3D military models and geo-specific synthetic environments for advanced training, research and gaming applications. Complimented by rapid-response support and development services, Simthetiq offers easy integration using popular formats including Openflight, VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2), One SAF, CDB (Common Database Format), also ensuring greater compatibility utilizing DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) enumeration. Visit and discover the various cost-effective 3D solutions offered at 

420 Beaubien Ouest  |  Suite 107  |  Montreal QC. Canada  |  H2V 4S6

T +1.514.464.2088  |  F +1.888.747.2927  |  |



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