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Simthetiq developing massive virtual fleet of naval vessels


CB-90 Class Fast Assault Craft (Riverine Command Boat)

Simthetiq has been working on a long-term repeat order contract to develop a vast fleet of US and allied naval ships for use in maritime simulation and training.

When complete, the virtual fleet will include all current US Naval vessel types and classes, including the latest special warfare and logistics boats.

Each high resolution model features multiple levels of detail, high resolution and detail textures making them suitable for both first person and large scale distributed simulation.

Taking full advantage of the latest modeling toolsets developed by Simthetiq in recent years, each ship is packed with features, such as detachable boats, 3D interiors, complex articulated parts and controllable weapons to provide maximum scenario flexibility.


Moreover, as with all Simthetiq content - the models are also standardised for easy integration in any serious game engine or IG and comply with DIS/HLA standards for distributed simulation.


The image below shows one of the ships developed - which include everything from logistics and supply ships to the latest generation of combat surface and subsurface vessels:

HMAS Success is a Royal Australian Navy Durance Class replenishment oiler

For more information on these high fidelity models or to discuss development of custom model content like this visit us at I/ITSEC 2016 (Booth # 1913) or contact

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