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Simthetiq recently released two new cross-platform terrains to the market. Suitable for a broad range of simulation and training activities - from large scale weapon systems training to small unit tactics. The terrains demonstrate Simthetiq’s focus on providing outstanding visual content that is optimised to exploit the different features and strengths of all types of runtime and image generation software.


The Surobi VTE is a large, geo-specific Afghan environment based around the Uzbin valley. The terrain has an extensive range of geographic and cultural features that make it ideal for the full spectrum of simulated military operations.


The PACA VTE is a 122,000 square km terrain entirely built using open source geospatial information includes detailed geo-specific military and commercial airbases and airports, extensive mountain areas and part of the Mediterranean Sea along its coastline.


Both terrains will be on demonstration at booth #964 during I/ITSEC and the Surobi VTE will also feature in a major demonstration by VT-MÄK (booth #827).


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