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Simthetiq front and center at I/ITSEC 2015



Simthetiq content will play a significant role in many key demonstrations at this year’s I/ITSEC tradeshow in Orlando.

Simthetiq 3D entity models will feature in a partnered demonstrations with JVC and Boeing on JVC’s booth (1421). The demonstrations will show Simthetiq high-fidelity 3D moving models running in Boeing’s Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS) on JVC displays.

In Booth 1249, MetaVR will demonstrate several naval ship models built by Simthetiq in an amphibious operation scenario on MetaVR's synthetic environment of Kismayo, Somalia. The scenario will be rendered in MetaVR's Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG).

Fidelity Technologies will have a demonstration of Special Forces air assault into a restrictive operating environment in order to capture a High-Value Individual featuring Simthetiq high fidelity model content.

TrianGraphics will feature the Surobi VTE developed by Simthetiq using Trian3DBuilder in their demonstrations throughout the show.

CM Labs will also demonstrate Simthetiq's Surobi VTE running in their vehicle dynamics software Vortex Dynamics.

VT-MÄK will once again use the Surobi VTE terrain in a LAV vehicle demonstrator. MÄK’s demonstration will center around a light armoured vehicle simulator in VR-Vantage running in Simthetiq’s Surobi VTE with Speedtrees. The demonstrator features driver, gunner and commander crew positions, with the commander view output via Oculus Rift.


To hear why VT-MÄK adopted Simthetiq’s terrain solution to highlight the features of their IG software, read this entry from their blog. 

The flexibility of Simthetiq’s 3D content, accompanied by our dedication to working with partners to ensure outstanding compatibility and performance are a key reason why more companies are asking Simthetiq for help in developing complex visual terrain databases or developing and integrating high-fidelity visual content.

Contact us at to see how Simthetiq can help.

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