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Smart training gets results



Simthetiq is offering a new smart training package that simplifies and accelerates the way companies build virtual terrain. Participants will learn how to reduce the time typically spent building complex, cross-platform terrains by mastering the powerful features of Trian3DBuilder* terrain generation software from TrianGraphics.

Simthetiq will conduct an initial needs analysis via web-conference to identify specific learning objectives. Our straightforward methodology will then allow us to design a tailored training package based around the relevant modules of Trian3DBuilder.

The training can then be carried out either in-house or via the web. Fully scalable, the training can easily be extended if extra time is required and an emergency training package is even available for time-critical training requirements.

The results speak for themselves - typically within around 3 days of training your team will be able to fully exploit the powerful features of Trian3DBuilder.


*Simthetiq is North American reseller for Trian3DBuilder.

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