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Thales tags Simthetiq for VBS visuals

Photomatch L to R of real-world IFV-25 vehicle with Simthetiq 3D model


Simthetiq recently provided a high fidelity IFV-25 armoured fighting vehicle model in VBS 3 format to Thales Communications, France as part of a command and control systems training project with a major export client.


The high-polygon count model featured a significant number of runtime-specific configuration options to include the multiple periscope and episcopes that are featured in modern armoured fighting vehicles to allow improved situational awareness.


In consultation with Thales engineering staff, Simthetiq’s core VBS integration service offer, which allows for rapid generation of plug-and-play VBS entities was augmented with multiple training-specific options to adjust the in-game behaviours of the model and increase the sense of immersion for military trainees.


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