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New model samples available on our Estore

FREE for evaluation purposes, Simthetiq now offers a full range of sample 3D Simulation Entity Models in Openflight, 3ds Max and VBS formats. The models included in the pack are: 

  • NEW - Human character: Afghan Taliban;
  • NEW - MRAP Vehicle: Polish Mowag Eagle II;
  • NEW - Boat: Generic US fishing vessel;
  • Utility Helicopter: Canadian CH-149 Cormorant;
  • Fighter Jet: Italian EuroFighter Typhoon;
  • Main Battle Tank:  Canadian Leopard C2A1 MEXAS; and
  • COMING SOON - Afghan Synthetic Environment: Geo-specific terrain sample


With 1000+ models now available in our online library with a full range of flexible licensing options, these latest additions allow simulation and training industry professionals to freely test and evaluate the capabilities of our high fidelity, runtime-ready, 3D content. DOWNLOAD them today.





About Simthetiq

As a developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming, Simthetiq creates custom 3D visual content and applications to produce some of the most immersive training solutions in the industry. A Top-100 Simulation and Training Company since 2005, Simthetiq is recognized in the Modeling, Simulation and Training Industry for our dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective and agile services.




Simthetiq eStore

Whether you’re enhancing existing environments or developing new capabilities, visit our online library of immersive, accurate and optimized 3D COTS content. All products are offered pre-configured for major simulation and gaming applications. Visit the E-store and DOWNLOAD our latest, free evaluation products.



Simthetiq among Top 100 Modeling, Simulation and Training Companies for 9th consecutive year

The MT2 award recognises Simthetiq’s passion to create technically innovative, high quality products and deliver high quality services to ensure client satisfaction. Simthetiq combines over 30 years of MS&T industry experience to blend high-value COTS products with flexible and cost-effective technical services to polish, perfect, or boost the performance of any number of simulation training products and tools.

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