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  Thanks to all for a successful show!   IITSEC-2011  

Simthetiq humbly invites you to join us at this year's I/ITSEC. We're excited to be showcasing our expertise in custom 3D modelling and database development along with a main battle tank demonstration within VBS2. We will also be announcing the launch of our new Simthetiq eStore which will include some of the most valid and interactive 3D content models available for the simulation and serious gaming industries. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Simthetiq Team

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Simthetiq would like to offer a complimentary Leopard C2A1 3D model, virtual environment model or a civilian dismount character model, available in VBS2, OpenFlight, and 3ds Max formats. Simply send your request to and get yours today.


Our new Simthetiq eStore is nearly ready for launch. Curious? Visit us online to get a free sneak-peak and additional information on the various features and options that come standard with all of our 3D content ensuring an accurate and effective immersive experience.


Simthetiq is a specialist developer of high quality, real-time 3D modelling and synthetic environments. Founded in 2005 to meet the modelling needs of North American simulation contractors, Simthetiq has become an emerging leader in advanced 3D solutions.

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