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Our Mission

Help trainees improve their performance and safety through outstanding visuals for simulation & training in the Civil Aviation, Defense and Industrial fields.

X2 Visual System

Engineered specifically for Civil Aviation our system delivers superior visuals for pilot training.

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3D Model Library

Tailored for high-end Military simulation & training our extensive 3D model library is Mission-Ready and cross-platform compatible.


Imagine. Create. Innovate: Simthetiq is a trusted partner with a solid track record in delivering innovative 3D solutions for training & simulation.

Why choose Simthetiq?

Experienced and skilled team operating for more than 10 years in the simulation & training field

Integrated vision and understanding of the specific training needs for simulation and training

Creative approach using cutting edge tools to offer cross-platform compatibility and preserve the value of existing investments

Rapid turnaround, lower and more predictable cost

Access to a vast library of military and civilian 3D model assets with a large range of configurations


Offering best-in-class visual products and integration services, Simthetiq takes your training solutions to the next level. We provide an industry leading library of COTS entity models and synthetic environments that exceed your requirements. With more than a decade of experience, Simthetiq is your trusted partner in Virtual and Constructive training.

Our X2 Visual System is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated immersive visual solution for civil aviation training. Consisting of a proprietary image generator, certified databases and COTS hardware, our solution exceeds the regulatory requirements for Level D simulator qualification.

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